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Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang is the founder of EduOne Education Center. He is an honour’s degree holder from the National University of Singapore. The vast improvements in his students' results have made him a renowned teacher.

Mr. Wang believe strongly that with correct methods, patience and encouragement, every student can be inspired to extract his/her full potential. This philosophy is deeply embedded in every individual teacher in EduOne throughout their course development and delivery.

Quality of the lessons is always upheld with utmost importance in EduOne.

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Mr. Mah

An education specialist with close to 20 years of teaching and training in public and private schools, Damien believes that education should encompass developing in youths, knowledge, skills and a desire to create an impact in this world.

Upon graduation from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) with a Degree of Bachelor of Arts- English Language with Diploma in Education, he began his teaching journey in junior colleges, secondary schools and private education institutions before finding his niche as a tutor in Eduone. As a firm advocate of experiential learning,  being able to create opportunities for youths to understand their place in society and that they can make a real difference in this world is his most cherished privilege as an educator.

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Ms. Mel

Graduated from University of Auckland, and completed a CELTS in Australia, Mel has more than years English Language including TESOL/EAL teaching experience in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, including IELTS preparation and EAP.

Mel has a keen interest in pronunciation techniques along with the processes of creative writing. She believes that language is the basis of communication and language learning, which is a very personal process, will be supported in a way which plays to a student’s strengths, but also give them confidence in areas where they may struggle.

Her classes are lively, interactive and practical, students are able to maximise learning the English Language with her personality and expertise.

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Ms. Vicki

Ms. Vicki has rich teaching experience spanning 22 years, most of it in secondary school education and in ESL for children and adults. A science degree holder from New Zealand, Vicki also has a NZ Diploma in Teaching and a Diploma in TESOL. 

She has taught lower secondary science, PSLE English, GCE O level English, IELTS and English as a Second Language and Foreign Language to students from around the globe. Vicki recognizes that every individual has their own learning style and pace.

Ms. Vicki aims to instil in her students good study habits, and encourages them to be independent thinkers. She is passionate, organized and systematic, patient, caring and dedicated to her students. Students enjoys her classes immensely.

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Mr. Lu

Mr. Lu has been teaching since 2006. He has a honours degree from the National University Of Singapore in Engineering which provides him strong Math and Sciences background.

He realized the calling and unrelenting passion in teaching at an early age, tutoring when he was in high school. With this experience of being once in their shoes, he coaches students with empathy, therefore and feel at ease in consulting him without any reservation, allowing them to grasp his teachings effectively.

He himself enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge and experience with students, as he recognizes that education is a two way street. His teaching philosophy is exemplified in his own words, “My students’ successes are my successes.”

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Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee holds a Ph.D in Chemistry from NTU with vast work experience which includes lecturing in local JC and NUS.

Dr. Lee is a patient teacher with over 6 years of experience teaching in Chemistry. Dr. Lee is well-liked by her students for her engaging and enlightening lessons. Her highly effective teaching methods have helped countless students achieve As for O/A level, IGCSE and IB Chemistry.

This is made possible by her strong Chemistry background both in theory and practical. Specializing in this module, Dr. Lee delivers in- depth knowledge, helps tackle the challenges her students face by teaching them the precise skills to be used. Her students can always achieve with her efforts and professionalism.

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Miss Irene has been teaching since 2008. She started working as a KUMON Instructor and quickly realised that teaching was her calling. She pursued her career as a high school science teacher by day and did home tutoring by night, teaching mainly O’Level Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. She majored in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering with a Bachelor (Honours) Degree from Sheffield Hallam University. Making full use of her Engineering Degree, she decided to become a WSQ ACTA certified Instructor and Assessor in Singapore’s Live Chemical Plant, Jurong Island, where she trained Polytechnic and ITE students on Chemical Plant Operations.

She has never stopped giving tuition in the evening due to her passion in teaching. As a people person, she enjoys giving tuition to all levels be it primary or secondary school kids. She has good communication skills and the capacity to converse in a manner that helps make the student feel inspired, passionate and positive in their capability to learn. A common feedback from her students is her ability in making studying interesting and fun. As a result, their grades improved tremendously.

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Ms. Xu holds a bachelor's degree in English Education and obtained her master's degree in Teaching Chinese as an International Language from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore.

She has taught numerous local students Chinese in Singapore since 2013. Familiar with the MOE syllabus, she has helped more than one hundred students obtained A in their PSLE and O-level exams. She believes there are two parts in learning a language, one is knowledge and the other is skill. In her class, she focuses on both to improve the results of students.

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Ms. Jin is a consummately qualified teacher, armed with a Bachelor degree and English teaching certificate. She holds a master's degree in Teaching Chinese as an International Language from NIE.

She has devoted herself to bilingual education for several years. Her teaching spectrum ranges from Chinese and English tutoring to mother tongue teaching in school.

Knowing the difficulties of learning a new language that is to be used across all subject disciplines, she strives to make the class more comprehensible by integrating Chinese learning with English creatively. In this way, she is especially successful in cultivating students’ innate interest in language learning.

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Mr. Yeo

Allan completed his LLB from University of London, B.A. in Economics, and B.Soc.Sci in Economics from National University of Singapore in 2001. He also holds a Master of Science with University College Dublin, majoring in Finance.

With a passion to teach and impart his knowledge, he is currently teaching Economics and Law in local universities and colleges.

Allan is a popular lecturer in schools and a popular tutor in our center. He is knowledgeable and well experienced.

He makes the study process interesting, fun, attractive and direct. Students love the way he delivers his content knowledge with great clarity that is easy to understand. He is always ready to help solve students’ difficulties in learning.

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Ms. Zhang

Ms. Zhang earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Operation Management from Singapore Management University.
Ms. Zhang found her passion in teaching since 2016 and have been coaching a large number of students from various junior colleges and international schools through out the years. She specialises in tutoring A level, IGCSE, as well as IB economics.
Ms. Zhang possesses strong expertise in the development of curriculum to suit the needs of various students and delivery of complex concepts in simplified ways. She keeps the classes highly interactive and students not only show improvement in the grades of the subject but also have significant interest in the subject.

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